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Tarheel Waste Collection

Sustainable solution on the principles of circular economy for safe energy recovery. The solution will be executed in accordance with laws and regulations and HSE standards.

Achieving 100% recovery rates through the provision of innovative waste management solutions. The solution is being provided on two broad parameters

A Holistic Solution that covers Assessment, Segregation, Collection, Transportation, And Green Solution that covers Pre-Processing and Co-Processing

Incorporation with our strategic partners, Tarheel offers wide-ranging solutions for the industrial sector that Pre-process the waste at the Alternative Raw Material Facility (ARM). Then Co-process along with a cement plant to ensure that the waste is finally processed/recycled on the principles of the Circular Economy.

Tire Recycling Project

The project awarded by Tadweer in 2018 to collect and recycle the waste tires stockpiled at four different landfills (Al Dhafrah, Al Mirfa, Al Beda Zayed, and Al Gayathi).

The estimated Qty is 250,000 tons that are processed and supplied to the cement industry as Alternative Fuel (TDF).

Animal Waste Recycling Project

The project was awarded by Tadweer in 2021 for Design, Finance, Build, Own, Operate, and manage treatment plant of all Animal- by Product [ABP] generated from the Dead Animals, Slaughterhouse Waste and from Poultry Farms Waste in Al Ain region.

The treatment facility will process up to 40k tons of animal waste per annum


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